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Risk analysis

Shipbuilding projects are becoming increasingly complex and integrate new technologies that are sometimes little known in the maritime field. Classification societies, flag administrations and shipowners themselves are increasingly demanding that the corresponding risk analyses be carried out.
Today, the introduction of new fuels on board (LNG, methanol, ammonia, etc.), new propulsion technologies (high speed, dynamic positioning, hybrid propulsion, etc.), oblige the various parties involved in the project to carry out a risk analysis.
ALTUM has specialised in the preparation of risk analyses, both in the design and construction phase and in the operation phase, with specialised technicians trained in the different methodologies (FMEA, FMECA, HazId, HazOp, Cause&Effect, Monte Carlo Analysis, etc.).
We have more than 50 references in the performance of all types of risk analysis, and with various technologies on board ships. We have worked with almost all classification societies, and we have become a reference company in the sector.
The main objective of risk analysis is to identify the hazards involved in a certain process or system and to develop appropriate safeguards to avoid or reduce the negative consequences of related hazardous events.
Risk assessment on board a ship is not a one-time event, because risk is never a one-time event.

Work performed

We assess the risks of all types of operations